Love & other things
zethu Matebeni

Black love seems to be perceived as a marginal situation rather than the norm in a similar fashion to what happens within the LGBTQI community. zethu Matebeni explores love between life and death; and argues how revolutionary love is in our interaction with the Other. In her rendition of ‘black man loving black man is the revolutionary act’ she addresses years of colonial violence and discourse that denied love, the feeling and its expression to black people infusing the black body with meaning that transcended it and deployed it of its humanity. In this episode, love is examined as an open and engaging concept that has the ability to truly change lives and world views.

zethu Matebeni loves hiking, growing food and thinking about women. As an activist in the academy, zethu spends most of her time writing and rewriting African queer theory for everyday use.

zethu Matebeni (Photo: PXuza)