Love as practice
Tawanda Appiah

Our conversation begins by looking at curatorial processes through the work of Tawanda Appiah and the questions he raises in his own practice. Thinking through love as practice, we reflect on its role in life and in visual art, and how it impacts our everyday interactions. Tawanda’s curatorial projects are the landscape we navigate in this episode, as we contemplate love as a life and work ethic that opens up alternative pathways to nuanced understanding.

Tawanda Appiah is a Zimbabwean independent curator, researcher and writer based in Malmö, Sweden. He is currently co-curating the GIBCA Extended exhibition 2021. Recent projects and interventions include, No Country Like (Skånes konstförening, 2018); Better Safe and Sorry (Moderna Museet, 2018); Something Happened (Skånes konstförening, 2019); On Practices (Malmö Konsthall and Skånes konstförening, 2019); To Where Are We Beautifully Going? (2020). He is part of Njelele Art Station and previously worked as a co-curator at Skånes konstförening and Curator of Education at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Expectation, process, something/nothingness and such. (Photo: Tawanda Appiah)
01 Couchi not Badin, Tawanda Appiah. (p.31 Alta Vista Updates, No.2 2020)
02 To where are we beautifully going? Vol.1 with Samuel Girma, 2020, 
Skånes Konstförening

03 Something happened series, 2019, Skånes Konstförening
cia kanthi: dark light, 2021
Skånes Konstförening

About Dark Light And Other Matters, interview with Cia Kanthi. C-print journal, 2020.