Robert Abia Moore
& Tinofireyi Zhou

27 07 2021

Robert ‘Abia’ Moore is a Zimbabwean musician who grew up influenced by diverse sounds, leaning strongly towards soul, rock and funk.  He is a founder member of the legendary band Soul and Blues Union (SABU) formed in 1967, performing in concerts across the country. In 1968, Moore won Best Rhythm Guitarist at the Rhodesian Texan Rock Band Competition. In 1978 he joined Osibisa, the Ghananian-English Afro rock band, recording a number of albums over a period of four years. The band toured internationally, across the UK, Europe, Africa and India where their acclaimed album Osibisa Unleashed (Live in India) was recorded. Osibisa performed in Harare at a special Independence celebration in 1980. Moore returned to Zimbabwe in 1982 and resumed the band SABU as Sabuku which continues today.

Tinofireyi Zhou aka Aero5ol employs the spoken and written word, street art and sound-based intervention to engage and interrogate the world. He has performed at festivals and participated in exhibitions locally and internationally, including WHOSE LAND HAVE I LIT ON NOW? SAVVY Contemporary Berlin (2018) and That, Around Which The Universe Revolves Chapter 3, a SAVVY Contemporary project at Njelele Art Station, Harare (2017). He co-produced the Pan-African Space Station PASS Popup Harare for the exhibition We Need New Names by Kudzanai Chiurai at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe (2017) and co-founded Revolutions Per Minute, an itinerant vinyl archive and DJ project (2015). He has taken up several residencies, including the “LowRes” research residency at Art Cube Studios, Jerusalem. He continues to work on a long-term research-based project exploring his family’s Lemba heritage, a people of Black Jewish descent found in Southern Africa, archiving their 2500 year journey.