Njelele Art Station

Ima-Abasi Okon
10.12.18 - 03.01.19

Ima-Abasi Okon is on residency at Njelele from 26 November to 9 December 2019. (Photo: courtesy Maxwell Tomlinson) Ima-Abasi Okon is on residency at Njelele from 10 December 2018 to 3 January 2019. (Photo: courtesy Maxwell Tomlinson)

Ima-Abasi Okon works with print, sculpture and video to produce installations that explore the historical and political charge of materials and the physical relationships between objects and bodies. Projects include sur­— [MIX-USE COMMODITY] —plus, Kingsgate Project Space, London; Concrete Poetries, LOWER.Green, Norwich; Parables for the BLAZER: Mahalia's EXISTENCEandEXISTENTS-HyPE fragrant stacking balm (306.HAL), Plaza Plaza, London; there's something in the title that's more interesting than the finality of (a title), The Showroom, London; PRAISE N PAY IT / PULL UP, COME INTO THE RISE, South London Gallery, London, Canine Wisdom for the Barking Dog—The Dog Gone Deaf, 13th Dak’Art Biennale, Dakar and UNTITLED, New Art Exchange, Nottingham. Okon was awarded the 2018 Nigel Greenwood Research Prize and her solo commission for Chisenhale Galley, London in 2019.


Ima-Abasi Okon develops research in Harare during her month in residency in preparation for a forthcoming UK exhibition.


Open Studio | Njelele Art Station

Okon is the recipient of a Gasworks Fellowship at Njelele.